Codiance Higher

Secure & scalable content management for universities

We give any web editor, lecturer or marketer the confidence to build and share information - no matter their technical ability or requirements.
Quickly scale for demand with our 99.9% uptime
  • Enterprise-grade performance, security and compliance with Microsoft Azure hosting.
  • Designed & built with ‘Clearing’ and high-demand events in mind.
  • Optimised geographic distribution, ensuring the best experience in all target markets.
We’ve made it safe and simple for anyone to contribute with Walled Gardens
  • Complete control over editing rights that gives confidence to contributors and prevents any destructive changes.
  • Decide who can edit and who can publish. Build a workflow that ensures new content is complete before publishing.
  • Track action items to ensure every contributor and editor knows exactly what needs to be done.
Integrate any 3rd party data and display it to your specific requirements...
  • A flexible architecture that allows completely customised data import routines.
  • No matter the format, we can import into our CMS.
  • Automatic scheduling and reporting of issues during import.
Simple customisation with Umbraco Apps.
  • Based on Umbraco infrastructure, allowing high level of customisation for your specific content needs.
  • Custom Apps can be built in-house to your specification and requirements.
  • Simple to set up, install and use without technical know-how.
And we’re an extension of your team: our hands-on developer support.
  • Friendly developer support from a team with expertise in the further education sector.
  • Discuss requirements with the people writing the code.
  • 24/7 support for critical infrastructure.
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How we helped Instant Offices scale their CMS to over 2,200 cities in 150+ countries.
How we built a platform that helped Instant Offices scale to over 2,200 cities in 150+ countries.
How We Gave 200 Contributors The Confidence To Build
How we helped the University Of Bedfordshire build a CMS platform that gave every contributor - no matter their tech know-how - the confidence to go create.
Creating A Better, More Efficient Experience For BW:Workplace Experts, Its Employees and Customers
How we helped BW: Workplace Experts become measurably more productive, whilst dramatically improving the experience for employees, contractors and customers.

our articles

Our articles
Umbraco CMS Gold Partner Conference and Retiring Umbraco 7
As you know, we’re big fans of Umbraco’s CMS at Codiance. It’s the backbone to our Higher product for universities and we’re confident it’s the best CMS for most organisations.
Maximising ROI: Why 2023 is a critical year for mid-sized manufacturers
Deloitte’s 2023 manufacturing outlook report points to key ways in which manufacturers can become more efficient, reduce risk and increase ROI: Investing in advanced technologies to mitigate risk and A holistic approach to smart factory initiatives.
3 things every university should consider for enrolment and their website
As part of  implementing Codiance Higher for The University of Bedfordshire we were tasked with a redesign of their website. We all agreed it felt ‘dated’ and we were confident we could make it look ‘good’. But making a website look good doesn’t necessarily mean better results!
Full Speed Ahead for University Clearing
For Universities, A-level results day is the busiest day of the year. This is when clearing gets into full-swing.  Getting clearing day right could mean the difference in £millions of revenue. Read our guide to using Microsoft Azure and Umbraco to provide a robust solution.