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Scottish Opera seamlessly upgrade to the latest Umbraco infrastructure

Scottish Opera, one of the leading opera companies in the UK, approached Codiance to upgrade their existing Umbraco-based web solution from V7 to the latest version with long-term support. This transition was not merely a technical update but a strategic move to harness the latest capabilities and fortify their broader digital infrastructure.  

Why Upgrade?


The latest versions of Umbraco provide crucial advancements, including greater security measures, improved performance, and the promise of a more streamlined process for future upgrades.  

With the website playing a critical role in the customer journey, it was essential the site remained always-on, and customers could make donations and book tickets throughout. For these reasons, ensuring Scottish Opera had clear and continuous visibility at every stage of the upgrade was paramount. 

Why Codiance?


Codiance are experts in Umbraco upgrades. Rather than simply guestimating the time and cost, we carry out an Umbraco Upgrade Audit to ascertain exactly what needs doing and how long it’s likely to take. This way you gain a clear and realistic timeline and cost from day one.  


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Our Solution

Based on feedback we’ve had from many clients, there are three things we did that made the project deliver on time and within budget: Continuous, action-orientated communication, doing Agile properly, and helping them make good, strategic decisions.

Continuous, action-orientated communication 


At Codiance, you work directly with our Umbraco Gold Certified developers. This direct access makes us genuinely different in the industry. This ensures you have the shortest path between your needs and the solution. This is a true differentiator within the industry.  

Throughout the entire process, constant communication with Scottish Opera remained a priority. The collaboration was always a two-way street, with the client actively participating in discussions about unfamiliar aspects of the project. This open dialogue not only facilitated problem-solving but also strengthened the client-developer relationship.  


We do Agile development properly.  


In any complex project, customer engagement is critical, especially when unexpected challenges arise. Agile is a framework for development that keeps the development team accountable and ensures we can properly partner and respond to unexpected challenges on the fly. This results in a timely and cost-effective project. 

For you, it ensures a constant feedback loop between stakeholders and developers. You gain regular updates and visibility on what’s being done, ensuring a level of transparency that enables you, the customer, to stay informed and participate in decision-making.  


We help you to make strategic, budget-conscious choices.  


One significant strategic decision during the Umbraco upgrade was how we managed their CRM, payment and booking integration with Spektrix.  

A substantial amount of existing custom code was dedicated to this integration. However, a newer (theoretically simpler) approach was now available directly from Spektrix.  

The most obvious recommendation would be to replace the custom code.  

Before deciding, we carried out an evaluation of potential improvements, weighing the benefits against budget constraints and the potential impact on end-users. Following the review, we opted to maintain the existing functionality. It was more cost-effective, meaning they would stay within budget and the solution would perform just as well for their use-case.  


A long-term partnership in the making... 


With custom code and integrations to navigate, this upgrade presented challenges that were well-managed and overcome by our team. Most importantly, Scottish Opera were able to stay at the forefront of technology, providing an unparalleled online experience to their customers.  

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