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Integrating NHS data, lab data and customer data for COVID testing at a high-street pharmacy
We’ve all had to make important decisions based on the most up-to-date Covid-related information. Whether planning your next holiday, or the government strategising lockdown rules; relevant, timely and accurate data is critical in decision making.
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How we helped Instant Offices scale their CMS to over 2,200 cities in 150+ countries.
How we built a platform that helped Instant Offices scale to over 2,200 cities in 150+ countries.
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How We Helped Everest Build A People-Centric Sales Tool That Could Be Used Anywhere
Shopping has never been easier. A purchase can be at your door within a few clicks. You’re in complete control. However, when it comes to making long-term changes to your home, an online purchase doesn’t work. People want to be guided. They want to be confident they’re making the right decisions.
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How We Gave 200 Contributors The Confidence To Build
How we helped the University Of Bedfordshire build a CMS platform that gave every contributor - no matter their tech know-how - the confidence to go create.
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The bespoke integration of six systems into one decision-making screen for BW:Workplace Experts
How we helped BW: Workplace Experts become measurably more productive, whilst dramatically improving the experience for employees, contractors and customers.
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