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Why work with us?

We’re engineers. We like taking things apart to understand how they work. We love building new things. We build the best people-centric systems for businesses and their customers.
what does that really mean?

It all starts with our people. We hire people who are intrinsically curious. We ask a lot of ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ and truly get to understand the problem to be solved - not just the task at hand. If you’re just looking for development ‘tasks’ to be completed, we may not be for you!

Secondly: we build people-centric systems. Many people claim this without really understanding what it entails. Our engineers work with our customers directly and shadow day-to-day operations. We want to understand how your system is really used by teams and customers. We put people at the center.

To achieve all this, we become a resource and an extension to your team. 

our people
Mark Hesketh
head of development
Mark has over 25 years of commercial software experience with brands including gsk, Morgan Hunt and the Home Office. Overseeing the full Codiance development team, Mark’s focus is squarely on finding new and interesting problems for his teams to solve.
Adam Arkley
principal software engineer
With 25 years (and counting!) experience as a development manager, turned CTO, turned engineer; Adam truly understands the business challenges and pain-points of our clients - always finding ways to solve them in a practical, hands-on way.
Martyn Baker
commercial director
Martyn has worked at some of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Following five years at Microsoft, Martyn joined Twitter as part of the UK launch team. Before Codiance, Martyn ran a consultancy that helped businesses productise and scale their ground-breaking innovations.
Cath Greenslade
hr manager
Cath Greenslade is a seasoned HR expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. Her passion and experience lies in supporting fast-scaling, dynamic businesses like Codiance. Throughout her career, Cath has served as a Senior HR Business Partner, working closely with various companies to address their day-to-day HR needs.
Andy King
senior business analyst
With 20+ years experience in IT and a decade in product and business analyst roles, Andy has worked with some of the worlds largest retail and Saas brands including eBay, adidas and Halfords.
Mark O'Farrell
solutions architect
Whether it was as a technology/process consultant at Accenture, or during his time launching and running a funded SaaS startup; Mark has spent his 20 years in development honing his skills as an IT Strategist and Solutions Architect.
Amit Chakrabarti
Lead Designer
Amit is a distinguished designer and art director with an impressive 20-year career in the creative industry and has established himself as a trusted partner known for his unwavering commitment to excellence, credibility, and adaptability. Amit Chakrabarti is a rare and exceptional lead in the creative industry!
Chris Norwood
senior developer
Chris has a super-power of rapidly learning new technologies and using them to solve business problems. With a background in business and technology in equal measures, Chris lives and breathes our ethos of solving the real business problem and putting people at the centre.
Simon Baralos
software developer
With almost a decade of experience in front end responsive design and user experience, Simon plays a crucial role in our development team. In particular with Codiance Higher, where we draw on his 7 years of knowledge working in the higher education sector.
James Parrish
software engineer
James plays a crucial role in designing and building management systems for our private sector and higher education projects. As a full stack developer with Umbraco Certified Professional status, he’s as equally at home digging into the nuts and bolts of an application as applying polish to the front end.
Andrew Barton
project manager
As a project manager with broad IT industry experience spanning 30 years, Andrew oversees several of Codiance’s largest system builds and deployments. Andrew remains hands-on with each of our clients, building strong relations with every stakeholder up to board level.
Tony Sciubba
web application developer
From Television to insurance quote engines, Tony brings a breadth of experience to the Codiance team that ensures he provides a fresh perspective on every project he’s involved with.
Siôn Meical Jones
lead designer
With over a decade of experience working on household names including BMW and Dyson, Sion builds some of the most impactful and intuitive UX/UI designs for the Codiance portfolio of clients.
James Spear
software engineer
James likes nothing more than working closely with clients. He’s driven by solving the challenges faced, always striving to exceed expectations. With 4 years in the industry and a degree in Computer Science, James is an absolute asset at Codiance - particularly in expanding our expertise in property tech.
Shaun Weston
software engineer
With a passion for design and development, Shaun loves digging deep into the intricacies of how a system works to solve its problems. As well as being head down in code, Shaun really enjoys working directly and closely with clients.
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Integrating NHS data, lab data and customer data for COVID testing at a high-street pharmacy
Integrating NHS data, lab data and customer data for COVID testing at a high-street pharmacy
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How we built a platform that helped Instant Offices scale to over 2,200 cities in 150+ countries.
How We Helped Everest Build A People-Centric Sales Tool That Could Be Used Anywhere
How We Helped Everest Build A People-Centric Sales Tool That Could Be Used Anywhere.
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Our articles
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Our bespoke software discovery process for manufacturers
Manufacturers of Orthotics supply custom-made solutions to hospitals and clinicians. Recently we were invited to run one of our Discovery projects to help define the strategy for a system overhaul of one leading manufacturer.
3 things every university should consider for enrolment and their website
As part of  implementing Codiance Higher for The University of Bedfordshire we were tasked with a redesign of their website. We all agreed it felt ‘dated’ and we were confident we could make it look ‘good’. But making a website look good doesn’t necessarily mean better results!