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Bespoke software designed with your people at the centre.

At Codiance, we build bespoke software solutions designed to the specific needs of your business. We’re experts in integrating new and legacy systems, helping you to become more productive.
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Why go bespoke?

Unlike off-the-shelf software packages, which are built to be used by many different businesses, bespoke software means you get a system that's designed to the very specific needs of your business and operations. 

We build software that's highly optimised to your specific needs and requirements. We make you more efficient, more productive, and we ensure your technology is shaped to the way you work.

Learn more about our clients and approach below.

Helping you define the 
requirements for 
people-centric solutions
Helping you define the requirements for people-centric solutions

How teams and customers interact with systems is the central focus of our design process. Whether it’s an end-to-end platform for your onsite sales team, or a better way of managing your assets and workflow, our people-centric approach is focused on helping you solve the fundamental business challenges of your business.

Let us help you define the requirements for your people-centric solutions.

The challenge before 
the spec: we don’t just 
follow instructions
The challenge before the spec: we don’t just follow instructions

We’re more than expert developers. We’re system engineers.

For all our Create projects, we begin by understanding the central business challenge your system is helping to solve.

By looking at how you integrate your online and offline practices, we can use our own expertise to help you spec a people-centric system that excels.

A clear pathway to a 
scaleable, people-centric 
A clear pathway to a scaleable, people-centric system

With Codiance Create, we’re focused on building a clear, scaleable pathway to a people-centric system that excels.

By discerning the central challenge to overcome, whilst helping you define the requirements, we ensure you create people-centric systems that scale for your teams and customers.

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We're experts in bespoke software development

Codiance are a team of brilliant system engineers who specialise in bespoke software development. We specialise in complex operations within complex organisations. Our expertise is centred on integrating lots of disconnected services and datasets (whether they're new or legacy) in ways that improve the performance of your business. 

Meet some of our team and explore some of our most exciting projects. Read on to understand the specific areas of our expertise.

Bespoke Application Development

We're experts in the development of bespoke applications. With a focus on integrating your various datasets, the overarching objective of many of our projects is to save you time, simplify your operations and/or make you more profitable.

We know every business is different - it’s your USP! We help ensure your technology and software stack are an integral part of that market advantage. We do this by ensuring software is built for your specific needs.

Bespoke System Integrations

Codiance are experts in unifying data sources. As an example, our bespoke system integration services make it possible to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single view, which may help you to make better, more insightful decisions. We make it easier for you to be more efficient and cost-effective, while making sure you benefit from better decision-making.

We know how to combine data from different sources, clean and transform the data to ensure consistency, and make it more usable by your organisation. Complex data integrations can be tricky, but with our professional experience, you'll gain comprehensive insights that would be hard to get otherwise. Connect with us and learn how we can help you!

Umbraco CMS Development

Umbraco is the most adaptable content management system (CMS) for almost any scenario. It is widely recognised as the 'user-friendly CMS' due to its ease of use and navigability.

To unlock its full potential, it needs to be handled by an expert development team. This is where its strength lies, as it allows for unparalleled customisability.

Umbraco is also ideal for integrations due to the way its designed. Different from many other CMS platforms, Umbraco does not consider all data as 'content', which allows for complex data integrations, an area Codiance specialises in.

Bespoke Software for Manufacturers

Are you looking for a way to save time and money, while increasing efficiency and profitability within your operations? Our custom-designed systems for manufacturing operations are designed to do just that. 

Our experts specialise in supporting operations, so you can get all the benefits without the hefty price tag of the off-the-shelf solutions. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. Were always looking for new challenges to tackle, and were experienced in helping manufacturers in a variety of areas. Even if your problem isnt listed, wed love to hear from you.

Bespoke software for commercial property management

Whether you're focused on residential or commercial property, our vast experience and familiarity means we can build a solution that makes your business more efficient and profitable. 

Our expertise centres on harmonising multiple sets of information and data in a way that’s simple to digest and make decisions upon. We’ve built the software and backbone to some of the worlds largest commercial property platforms, so you're in safe hands! 
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