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Codiance Higher is the most flexible CMS for higher education. It's designed specifically for the needs of your university. We give every member of your team the confidence to build and share information - no matter their technical ability or requirements.
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The CMS for Higher Education

Codiance Higher is the most flexible CMS for higher education. Built on Umbraco’s friendly CMS infrastructure, we’ve designed our content management system to meet the specific requirements of each university.

Trusted by universities including the University of Bedfordshire, we’ve built integrations that simplify your workflow, on infrastructure that ensures you can scale quickly for clearing, with an interface that makes it safe for anyone to contribute. Get in touch to see how Codiance Higher can help your university.

Quickly scale for clearing and high demand events
  • Codiance Higher is built with Microsoft Azure hosting, providing you 99.9% uptime, even during clearing
  • Optimise performance to each of your key recruitment regions, including South-east Asia
  • Have complete confidence with multiple fall backs that are built to the specific needs of your university
We’ve made it safe and simple for anyone to contribute with Walled Gardens
  • Complete control over editing rights that gives confidence to contributors and prevents any destructive changes.
  • Decide who can edit and who can publish. Build a workflow that ensures new content is complete before publishing.
  • Track action items to ensure every contributor and editor knows exactly what needs to be done.
Integrate any 3rd party data and display it to your specific requirements...
  • A flexible architecture that allows completely customised data import routines.
  • No matter the format, we can import into our CMS.
  • Automatic scheduling and reporting of issues during import.
Simple customisation with Umbraco Apps.
  • Based on Umbraco infrastructure, allowing high level of customisation for your specific content needs.
  • Custom Apps can be built in-house to your specification and requirements.
  • Simple to set up, install and use without technical know-how.
And we’re an extension of your team: our hands-on developer support.
  • Friendly developer support from a team with expertise in the further education sector.
  • Discuss requirements with the people writing the code.
  • 24/7 support for critical infrastructure.

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Why should I use a CMS designed for universities?

The demands of universities have changed in a short amount of time. Whether you’re speaking to prospective students, your lecturers or the public at large, your web properties and CMS are at the centre of all your communications. So even if you renewed your CMS quite recently, it’s very possible that it can no longer meet the demands of your university.

Codiance Higher has been built specifically to meet the demands of universities today. So whether you’re integrating SITS course data into your workflow, or preparing for your next clearing event, Codiance Higher can provide the specific support and functionality you need.

Built on Umbraco infrastructure

Codiance Higher has been built on Umbraco infrastructure, ensuring the backbone of Codiance Higher is flexible and compatible with all the latest developments in CMS designed.

Umbraco is an enterprise-grade content management system (CMS) built on the.NET framework, making it super-secure, reliable and fast. Our customers love its intuitive nature, rich features, security, flexibility and ease of scale. It's often called the 'friendly CMS' thanks to its simple user interface and easy editing features.

Designed with real students in mind

Codiance Higher is more than a back-end CMS. We’re all about driving your university forward. We support universities on the front-end design that drives student recruitment. We’ve created eye-tracking and user-testing studies that look at your web properties and your potential students. In some cases, we’ve increased open day visits by as much as 68%.

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